Public Domain Works, Alice Street, Newtown

NCE just signed off on Public Domain Works for residential units and commercial buildings in Newtown.

This project highlights that a competent, ethical, experienced and thorough consulting engineer engaged as early as possible in a project can save time, money and stress!

With NCEs input, we saved the client time and over $200K. We redesigned the concept design and applied a common sense approach. This included:
– avoiding relocation of a huge telecommunications pit;
– avoiding relocation of a pedestrian crossing;
– avoiding relocation of a public bus stop; and
– utilising existing stormwater drainage where practical.

NCE took on the project back in 2014 when the public domain works design was just a concept. Works involved road widing, new footpaths, levels, designing driveway access, kerb and guttering, stormwater drainage, linemarking, parking layout, layout of street trees and co-ordination of utility services.

NCE worked with the Council, client, architect and other consultants to produce detailed design plans for the works. During construction works we assisted the contractors with queries and worked with them if there where any complications/issues on site.


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